Q. Will there be ATM machines at the event at the event?

A.  YES, there will be EFTPOS available at the Box Office and also at selected service areas. There will also be an ATM Machine area within the event site. The exact locations of these will be shown on the event map that will be available for download from the event website closer to the event date.

Please bring ample cash with you as we also tend to run out of cash at these events so please be prepared and don’t rely on cash access or availability all day.

Q. Will there be seating at the event?

A.  Assorted table and chair seating will be available within the event site. Personal camping style folding chairs can be brought on site

Q. What happens if the event is cancelled?

A.  This event is scheduled to go ahead rain or shine; however extreme weather may result in a cancellation for safety reasons. Cancellation of the event will be broadcast via media outlets such as radio, TV and websites. There will be personnel at gates to inform anyone who missed out on messages via media. All VMS signage will be changed to display cancellation messages.

Q. Is there anything I should remember to bring to the event?

A.  Gates open at 1.30pm on Saturday and 12.30pm on Sunday for the events. Remember to wear suitable attire for the weather (hats, sunscreen if hot). If you wish to enter the event or an age restricted area, you MUST show Proof of Age identification upon entry.

Q. Is there anything I should NOT bring to the event?

A.  You must NOT bring any of the following items into the venue:

• food or beverages including water (other than for personal special dietary requirements)

• picnic blankets

• umbrellas

• video cameras or professional recording equipment

• glass • knifes, weapons, packages, flares or fireworks;

• any object that could be used to distract, hinder or interfere with any patrons including a laser pointers;

• any flags with poles;

• animals (apart from authorised guide / companion dogs);

• any dangerous goods; and

• any other items deemed by management to be dangerous or capable of causing a public nuisance. Any items considered unsafe will be confiscated upon entry bag checks